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Welcome to the Product Survey Site.

To participate in this research project, we will ask you a few simple questions.

As we go through the survey you will be asked to enter various pieces of information from the coupon you received at the checkout counter. Please have this coupon handy throughout the entire survey. Please keep in mind, your responses are used for market research purposes only. Please be assured that no salesperson will contact you.

To view the rules for this survey, please click here.

To review the privacy statement for this survey, please click here.

Remember you must complete the survey in order to receive your incentive.

Thank you for your input. Your opinion counts!

Please note, once you begin the survey you must complete it in order to qualify for the incentive. Once the survey is started, it will not allow you to restart again if you exit for any reason. The survey will also time out if it is idle (no questions answered) for more than 30 minutes, so please allow yourself enough time to complete the survey. Please click the ENTER button below to start the survey.

If you have any questions about completing this survey, please email